Adventures in Legoland


By Elizabeth Campbell

There was a surprise in store for me at the Presbytery Learning Day on October 24.

I must confess that I was looking for a lighter subject for my morning workshop choice. Some of those offered included the refugee crisis, multiculturalism, and M & P (Ministry and Personnel).

So when I saw one option was to play with Lego, I was hooked.

My mistake was in not taking in the full title: Lego Serious Play: Creative Explorations of Identity within the Community. I also didn’t take into consideration that my last contact with Lego was stepping on pieces left out by my boys 35 years ago.

Imagine my horror when facilitator, Kristen Klassen*, told us that we were going to build our own ideas of Presbytery, our relationship with our church, my own identity and my values – FROM LEGO !  Step by gentle step I was  encouraged in my construction by Kristen and her sister Erin** who was sitting next to me.

Most of my fellow builders were much more expert with Lego including two from Knox, Greg Glatz and Adelaida Andrade. It was a wonder to behold the way ideas and  metaphors became structures, sometimes magical, and also real. There were towering buildings and intricate creations with moving parts, flowers, and watchful eyes. The sense of our caring community was present when we told the stories reflected in our work.

Our final task was to connect oneself with the larger church community.


The photo above shows the result. Notice all the connections between the parts, and the futuristic car on the left. That is Greg’s concept of transporting ourselves into the hope of what the church might be.

My “easy” choice turned out to be very hard work and intimidating, but also a mind opening exercise.

I will never be an expert in Lego, but I had a true learning experience, and a new way of perceiving myself and the church.


*Kristen is a certified Lego Serious Play facilitator, and has her PhD in Applied Health Sciences with a special interest in Mental Health

**I learned on Sunday that she is the Rev. Erin Klassen, Presbytery Representative who worked with the Knox Joint Search Committee, when she gave the sermon for the Covenanting Service

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