An Icy Shower

Many have asked why I took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in the first place.  Wouldn’t it have been easier just to place a cheque in an envelope and take a lovely warm shower instead?  Yes, it would have been easier, but not nearly as much fun!  Check out the video!

And why did I take the challenge?

Two reasons:  Ken Bundy and Christine Fewster.  These two people were gone from me and their families in just a few short months after being diagnosed with ALS.  Good friends who were courageous and strong in the face of their impending deaths.  In their dying, they refused to give up on living.  As I accompanied them on their respective journeys, they challenged me to live my life as fully and deeply as they did their own.  Hence the Ice Bucket Challenge.

This current campaign, which is nearing the end of its shelf life now, has raised over $100 million dollars for ALS research.

Amazing!  And all accomplished with a wee bit of water and ice—and lots of gusto!

One of the most effective components of the challenge is its “pay it forward” criteria.

As the ice water is poured over your head, you are encouraged to challenge another person to take the challenge.  In my case, I challenged our new Premier, The Honourable Jim Prentice.  After all, he is in the first hours and days of his work among us as the political leader of our province.  Since Mr. Prentice raised well over a million dollars for his leadership campaign alone, raising a few million bucks for ALS research should come easy.  How about it, Jim?  I could help tip the bucket.

Thanks to the fine folks at Knox who encouraged me in the challenge and helped tip the bucket. 

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