It’s time to begin planning for the fall

Two important events happening at Knox this fall require some pre planning.

1. Menu Planning for our Annual Connecting Party

We are a diverse group at Knox. We come from differing: ethnic backgrounds and cultures, life styles, patterns of attendance, and degree of involvement in the  Knox community. Our annual connecting party will happen on September 14th, 2014 immediately after the service.

This year our theme is Linking Together within our Diversity, and we are planning a diverse menu for our meal together. I know some of our community well and some not so well and as a consequence I need to appeal to all of you through this announcement.

Ellen Lang needs your help in planning and preparing our multi-faceted meal.

If you are part of another culture, have an alternate life style pattern (gluten free meals), or would like to connect with the Knox community would you please consider providing an item (main course, dessert or salad) to our menu. Please contact Ellen Lang at:  ellen_lang or 403-239-6307. For those of you whom I have already spoken to thank you in advance for agreeing to help with this event.

2. Donating Jars for our Annual Preserve Sale

Pickled BeetsSummer is here!!! The gardens are growing and the fruit is beginning to arrive. As you complete your canning jams, jellies, salsas, sauces, and pickles please consider donating some of your larder to our Preserve Sale.

In planning for this event those volunteering their wares would appreciate any jars you could donate to their projects.

Please leave any jars you do not need at the church.

Thank you for your help, Ellen Lang.

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