The Studio

Here at Knox we are working on several initiatives to better serve those in the 25-54 age bracket (and, we hope, the rest of us as well!).  One of the most visible of the changes, so far, is the presence of the Studio in the West transept of the sanctuary (near the Labyrinth). Instead of […]

Stepping up in 2016 – The Future is Now

Last year at this time, 116 households made financial pledges to Knox during our stewardship campaign. This allowed us to plan our 2015 budget on the basis of their promised donations. THANK YOU! We invite you to become part of this group of individuals or households by pledging a donation target for 2016. We anticipate […]

Adventures in Legoland

By Elizabeth Campbell There was a surprise in store for me at the Presbytery Learning Day on October 24. I must confess that I was looking for a lighter subject for my morning workshop choice. Some of those offered included the refugee crisis, multiculturalism, and M & P (Ministry and Personnel). So when I saw […]

Opportunity Knox – Communications Assistant

Knox United Church is seeking a Communications Assistant. Duties include: Help Knox present a consistent and compelling image in all our communications within the church and in the community. Maintain Knox visual identity in print and online – everything from weekly communications to special event marketing – Quarterly newsletter, Weekly bulletin design, Brochures Writing the […]

Tough Mudder – By Dave Holmes

Scripture: Mark 8: 27-37 This Scripture asks two key questions of us. The first is a religious one:  who is Jesus?  We might prefer to reserve judgment, but Jesus presses us for an answer that will get us off the fence. The second question is an existential one:  How do we find life that is […]

Calgary Carol Festival 2015 – Info and Registration

2015 Dates: Saturday November 28 Sunday November 29 Monday November 30 7:00 pm each night Calling all Calgary Choirs With the festive season right around the corner, start prepping those pipes and practice hitting those high notes as the Calgary Carol Festival is quickly approaching. Once again proceeds from the festival will help the Calgary […]

Office Hours with Dave and Greg

Let’s meet over coffee. Dave and Greg are holding “office hours.” [Updated] Greg’s Office Hours WEDNESDAY AFTERNOONS: new location, new time! 3:00-4:30PM at Bumpy’s Cafe (1040 8 St SW). FRIDAY MORNINGS: no downtown parking problems! 10:30AM to noon at Vendome Cafe (940 2 Ave NW). Dave’s Office Hours You can find Dave on Thursdays from […]

The right tools for the job – By Dave Holmes

Scripture: Ephesians 6:10-20 In our struggle to build a better society, against what are we struggling? This is actually not a rhetorical question – I want you to think of an answer.  If we are struggling to live into the Kingdom of God, God’s government, who or what is our enemy?  What’s holding us back? […]

Why it’s important to be visibly “out” at church

As Calgary Pride Week is on right now, I thought I’d share a story about why it’s really good to be visibly out as an LGBTQ person in church. But first, the backstory. When I was figuring out what “gay” was back in the early ‘80s, and not even knowing what words to use for […]

Strengthened by Kindness – By Dave Holmes

Scripture reading: 1 Kings 19: 4-8 and Ephesians 4:25-5:2 Elijah has just had one of his greatest triumphs.  If you’re a church person, you may remember the story from childhood.  Gathered on the top of Mt. Carmel for a great challenge.  It’s Elijah versus the prophets of Ba’al.  Two sacrifices, two piles of wood – […]