Strengthened by Kindness – By Dave Holmes

Scripture reading: 1 Kings 19: 4-8 and Ephesians 4:25-5:2 Elijah has just had one of his greatest triumphs.  If you’re a church person, you may remember the story from childhood.  Gathered on the top of Mt. Carmel for a great challenge.  It’s Elijah versus the prophets of Ba’al.  Two sacrifices, two piles of wood – […]

Surprise! You are included! – By Dave Holmes

Scripture reading: John 6: 1-15 and Ephesians 3: 14-21 Our son spent a couple of years in Boston, and while he was there, somewhat to my surprise, he joined a church!  The story’s a good one. He was working to develop a social circle in a new city, and he decided to try going to church.  […]

Hello from Rev. Dr. David Holmes

Hello! Now that I have been here almost a month, I thought I would introduce myself a bit.  I’m the “local boy,” more or less – I have been in Calgary since 1992, serving Robert McClure United in the Northeast for 16 years, followed by 7 years in a team ministry with my wife Karen […]

The Soul Food Diet – By Greg Glatz

True confession: I love soul food I’m not claiming it’s good FOR you–I’m just saying it’s good: fried chicken–GOOD! brisket–GOOD! grits–GOOD! collard greens–GOOD! black-eyed peas–GOOD! IT’S ALL GOOD! Talia Syrie and Steve Ackerman run The Tallest Poppy in Winnipeg. They serve the best fried chicken and collard greens north of St Louis. And on Wednesdays, […]

Get Out of the Boat – By Greg Glatz

From a sermon preached at Knox United Church on July 19, 2015. Today’s lesson from the Gospel of Mark is a remarkable story. The crowds are swarming Jesus. They rush throughout the countryside bringing the sick on mats to wherever they hear Jesus is going to be. They lay the sick in the marketplaces, and beg […]

A Compendium of Wisdom as I Depart …

It has been my honour and my privilege to serve as the Minister at Knox United Church for the past couple of years.  I had been retired for a few months when the good folks at Knox came calling (they actually used a telephone). After some careful thought and knowing that there was still some […]

Sand Mandala

June 17—19 and Sunday, June 21st A Global Peace and Compassion Tour comes to Knox! A group of three Tibetan monks from Zongkar Choede monastery in Tibet is on a Global Peace and Compassion Tour. We, at Knox, are honoured to host them for four days as they build a Sand Mandala in our beautiful […]

True Love Started at Knox

What a lovely surprise it was when Earl and I were serenaded with this song, True Love, last Saturday at the end of Linda’s dinner. Chellan Hoffman and Carol Johnson did a wonderful rendition, with a few words changed to fit the occasion of our 50th Anniversary. The most amazing part was that they prepared […]

Farewell Dinner For Linda Hunter – Photos

Wasn’t that a party! We toasted. We roasted. And generally we showed Linda how much we loved her in words and songs. Thank you Linda! We’ll miss you dearly. Click to view the slideshow below. For best results, view in HD and full screen. Don’t forget to turn on the sound. If the slideshow doesn’t […]

Welcome to…. Rev. Dr. Greg Glatz and Rev. Dr. David Holmes

After weeks of searching and prayerful discernment, the Joint Search Committee of Knox has invited Rev. Dr. Greg Glatz and Rev. Dr. David Holmes to join our faith community, offering spiritual guidance and leadership in the months and years to come. We welcome them! Greg is a theologian, an author, a teacher, a musician and […]