The Season of Lent is Upon us!

February 10 is Ash Wednesday–the season of Lent is upon us! It comes early this year, which means Easter is early too, and everything seems a bit rushed. Like many of you trying to cope with all of your responsibilities, I’m constantly making a choice between business (real, effective, results-oriented work) and busyness (running around […]

The stories we tell and the stories we live

The Big Picture Well, the book I’m reading right now is The Rabbi Rami Guide to Parenting, (Rami Shapiro and Agapi Theodorou, Spirituality and Health books, 2011) and I am finding it both delightful and challenging. Rabbi Rami talks about the importance of stories.  I agree – I think stories are huge.  It’s more than […]

Spiritual parenting: Our full attention

By Dave Holmes The Big Picture Most of us have probably pointed and laughed (discreetly) at that table of four in the restaurant:  four people out to eat with each other, not speaking with each other but rather with their heads down, looking at their phones. It’s likely that we’ve had a moment or two […]

Office Hours 2016

Greg and Dave will be holding the following office hours for the beginning of 2016. Check the Knox Facebook page or their individual Twitter feeds for any cancellations or updates. Dave Holmes’ Office Hours Starting up again February 22, 2016 Dave’s new office hours! Hoping for someplace with PARKING, Dave will now hold office hours from 12 […]

Spiritual parenting: nurturing the soul and character of our children

By Dave Holmes Welcome to Knox United Church’s social-media support system for spiritual parenting!  Since this is the first post, let me introduce what we’ll be doing here.  It will probably change – we’re learning as we go.  But here’s where we’ll start. In each post we’ll have a section called “The Big Picture.”  In parenting, […]

Genealogy – By Dave Holmes

Matthew 1:  Genealogy Welcome to Advent!  This is the season of the church year that leads us to Christmas. Oddly enough, given that Christmas is at least supposed to be a Christian holy-day, we in the church come late to the season – there have  been Christmas ads and sales and decorations out since the […]

The Studio

Here at Knox we are working on several initiatives to better serve those in the 25-54 age bracket (and, we hope, the rest of us as well!).  One of the most visible of the changes, so far, is the presence of the Studio in the West transept of the sanctuary (near the Labyrinth). Instead of […]

Stepping up in 2016 – The Future is Now

Last year at this time, 116 households made financial pledges to Knox during our stewardship campaign. This allowed us to plan our 2015 budget on the basis of their promised donations. THANK YOU! We invite you to become part of this group of individuals or households by pledging a donation target for 2016. We anticipate […]

Adventures in Legoland

By Elizabeth Campbell There was a surprise in store for me at the Presbytery Learning Day on October 24. I must confess that I was looking for a lighter subject for my morning workshop choice. Some of those offered included the refugee crisis, multiculturalism, and M & P (Ministry and Personnel). So when I saw […]

Opportunity Knox – Communications Assistant

Knox United Church is seeking a Communications Assistant. Duties include: Help Knox present a consistent and compelling image in all our communications within the church and in the community. Maintain Knox visual identity in print and online – everything from weekly communications to special event marketing – Quarterly newsletter, Weekly bulletin design, Brochures Writing the […]