The sky is falling… The sky is falling… The sky is falling!

Do you remember that children’s tale from long ago when Chicken Little was walking in the woods and an acorn fell on her head?  Her immediate assumption was that the sky was falling.  In a hysterical panic, she ran all over the place, meeting up with Loosey Goosey, Ducky Lucky, Henny Penny and a host […]

Knox & Scarboro Choirs Invited to Sing in New York!

“We’re going to be a part of it, NEW YORK, NEW YORK!” It had to happen!  Our rendition of the Requiem for the Living by Dan Forrest at Easter time has come to the attention of the people at Carnegie Hall, New York and we have now been invited to sing with the maestro himself […]

A Mother’s Day Like No Other

This Mother’s Day will be like no other for me.  As I am writing this, my mother is lying in a hospital bed, growing weaker with each passing day and slowly drifting away from me toward death. I am an only child.  This has never meant much to me over the course of my life—until […]

Special Congregational Meeting – Sunday April 26, 2015

UPDATE After two years of transition, forming a JNAC, a Joint Search Committee, and much discernment, the members of Knox approved the hiring of two new ministers. We will welcome Rev. Dr. Greg Glatz and Rev. Dr. David Holmes on July 15!   Meeting date and time: Sunday, April 26, 2015, 12:30 P.M. Greetings Knox […]

Plummeting Oil Prices. Depressed Real Estate Market. Job Losses.

Sigh. Haven’t we heard all of this before in resource-rich Alberta?  Every decade or so we ride a roller-coaster of anxiety, fear and worry.  It’s called a downturn in the economy. Sometimes that bedeviled word “recession” is also used, but that is only whispered lest we send the stock market crashing through the floor even […]

Art Show: When Green is Red, April 18-22

The Justice Ministry of Knox United Church is pleased to present an art show by local artist Meghan Lewick, whose works are themed on the world’s environment. ‘ When Green is Red’ shows images of a passionate environmentalist, with huge paintings featuring thoughts and emotions.  This presentation leads us to celebrating Earth Day on April […]

Happy Easter

Scripture: Mark 16:1-8 After 40+ days of reflection, we have come to Easter Sunday.  It is a day, in early spring, when we look to the earth stirring with new life; when we open the windows of the house after a long and cold winter to welcome spring breezes; when we hope that our winter […]

Lenten Reflection for Holy Saturday

Scripture: Psalm 121 We are living the “in-between” time.  The time between the horrific events of Good Friday and the dawn of hope that comes with Easter Sunday.  It is a sombre, introspective time, providing us with an opportunity to reflect on the actions of human beings—torturing, ridiculing, despising, spitting, abusing—all of which were endured […]

Lenten Reflection for Good Friday

Scripture: Mark 14:55 – 15:47 Today is Good Friday. When I was a child growing up on a farm in southern Ontario, there was an understanding in our family that it would always rain on Good Friday—because it was a sad day.  And all through that day as we went about our chores and played […]

Lenten Reflection for April 2 – Holy Thursday

Scripture: Mark 14:1-50 The Power of Our Story I remember meeting with our church youth group at a cabin on Lake Ontario.  The wind was blowing and our host asked if anyone knew how to sail.  One member said he had read a great deal on the subject and would take some of us out […]