Choose the future direction of Knox

2012 KNOX *JNAC Questionaire

Dear fellow members and adherents of Knox United Church.

We have been given an opportunity to carve a new path and choose a future direction for the church we all know and love. This comes from the recent announcement of Grant Dawson’s retirement, as well as the resignation of Drew Strickland.

Our goal is to compile information from the congregation at large to help determine the future direction of Knox.

Your answers to these questions will help the *JNAC committee complete its work to start the road for the next 100 years of Knox United Church in Calgary.

What do you appreciate about Knox now?  (What draws you here, how does the worship service impact you, what other aspects of the ministry, aside from the worship service, do you value most)

What would you like to see for the future of Knox? (this can be changes or continuation of existing ministries)

Thank you for taking the time to provide your most valuable input, it is appreciated very much.  Please return this form in one of several ways.

  • In the offering plate on Sunday
  • Place it in mailbox #1, just outside the office
  • Email your response to:
  • Contact via email or phone any member of the JNAC committee
  • Speak with one of the members of the JNAC at coffee time either before or after the service

*What is JNAC? The Joint Needs Assessment Committee


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