Eye of the Storm – Next meeting March 31


Please note change of date. Meeting is now March 31.

The Pipeline Industry – The (good and bad) things that seem to overwhelm Martha and Henry

Our next meeting will be held on March 31, at Knox United Church, 506 4th Street SW. In the Library at 7:00 p.m.

Eye of the Storm, a discussion group examining issues of sustainability and the oil & gas industry, has met monthly since November 2012. An initiative of the Knox Justice Committee, Eye of the Storm recognizes if you are going to move people to act and to try something new, it’s got to be values-rooted. We get there by creating a safe forum for sharing personal narratives because we believe it is essential to learn how people make choices when confronted with not knowing what to do; that’s what all of our stories are about, and it is how change and personal growth occur.


Each attendee will have the opportunity to share a story of how they made choices under conditions of uncertainty, with a specific message of how a sense of self-worth overcame a sense of self-doubt. Is there a specific challenge that arises from the story that may cause others to engage in new action?


David Richardson will lead a discussion on the physical, operational, business and economical highlights of pipeline infrastructure in Canada in response to a strong interest by the Group to learn, and understand some of the seemingly complex and overwhelming character of the industry.

Email shmontgo@telus.net for more info.

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