Eye of the Storm update – Jan 17th discussion

Our noon hour discussion group on Thursday, Jan. 17 met to talk about Sustainability.

Who defines it? How does the church’s definition differ? What is our place in the mix?

The format of Eye of the Storm is open sharing, with each person having equal opportunity to speak. The chair at each group is the person who is speaking. This process allows each person to speak from the heart, and we use first names only.

This second meeting was attended by 15 people.

Points raised were:

  • this is an educational process – for us and everyone
  • let’s look at possibilities & alternatives
  • can we change corporate thinking? If so, how?
  • our way of life is not sustainable
  • our lifestyle is linked to income inequality & poverty… we can’t talk about sustainability without looking at the whole picture
  • how do we change the culture – values, spiritual, ethical, and economic?
  • examine the nature of economics & corporations & their place in government
  • does the church have any influence?
  • what can we do?
  • what would Peter Lougheed do?

From Rev. Dr. Gary Patterson, Moderator of the United Church of Canada:

“Are we simply saying no to any (further) development of the oil sands – even though we live in a culture that still depends on fossil fuel energy?

Is there a next step that as a church we need to take? …

Could faith communities have a role in strengthening dialogue and fostering partnership … to find balance and workable solutions? …

Or am I being naive?”

Our next meeting is February 14th, 12-1:00.

The topic is: Acting in an Unsustainable World.  Come with one thing that we can do to increase sustainable choices.  Preview the video “Even the Rain”  (Netflix or  library) – or contact kuoffice@knoxunited.ab.ca to arrange a group viewing or individual rental.

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