Father Andrew Foreshew-Cain at Knox – Sunday, November 26

Andrew Foreshew-CainFather Andrew was ordained in 1990 and served as vicar of two inner city parishes in NW London (UK) from 1998 till August 2017. Our connection to Andrew arose through The Sanctuary Cafe at St. James’ Church in West Hampstead, London, which is part of a social enterprise hub called the Sherriff Centre. In addition to the cafe, the Sherriff Centre runs a post office, a children’s play area called Hullabaloo, and a small retail area selling gifts, card, and stationery—all within the sanctuary of St. James’ church. Father Andrew explains the vision as follows:

I have always believed in what is actually a very traditional view of the Church: that it should be at the heart of local communities and can be far more than a place of worship. It can be a place where children and families come together to meet and socialise, where important community services can be hosted and where vulnerable members of the community can feel supported. It was on this basis that we originally offered our beautiful church building as a new home for the West Hampstead Post Office. It is also what has driven the development of this fantastic range of activities which will be a hub of life in the local community.

Glenda Jackson, the MP for Hampstead and Kilburn, called the initiative “great news for the local community.”

In June 2014, Andrew married his long-time partner, Stephen, becoming the second gay priest in the country to enter into a same-sex marriage. Their wedding stood in defiance of the Church of England’s teaching that marriage is defined as “a lifelong union between one man and one woman.”

Andrew is both our preacher in the Sunday November 26 worship service, and our featured presenter at Sunday’s town hall. Please make Andrew welcome as he visits Calgary and Canada to share his innovative vision for church and ministry in the 21st century.

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