Happy Easter


Scripture: Mark 16:1-8

After 40+ days of reflection, we have come to Easter Sunday.  It is a day, in early spring, when we look to the earth stirring with new life; when we open the windows of the house after a long and cold winter to welcome spring breezes; when we hope that our winter boots can be placed in storage for a few short months and we can feel the warming sun on our faces.  Ahhh, spring!

Some of what we feel and experience at this spring time of the year can be infused into the resurrection story found in Mark.  The women who knew and loved Jesus (Mary Magdalene, Mary, the mother of James and Salome) come to the tomb where Jesus has been laid after his death.  Expecting to anoint his body, they are instead greeted by a “young man dressed in a white robe, sitting on the right side.”  Clearly, a deeply spiritual, yet frightening moment for them.

How are we to explain this resurrection experience?  This raising from death of an earthly life?  This breaking the boundaries of our human existence?  I am not particularly persuaded that the resurrection of a corpse is possible, but I am persuaded by the deeply spiritual awakening that comes to us when we envision a life beyond this life.

Much like the earth that stirs to new life in the spring, my spirit is stirred to new life by the powerful ministry of Jesus in which he brought new life and new beginnings to all whom he met.  Walking the dusty highways and byways of Palestine, he made each person feel like their particular life mattered to God. Surely that is “resurrection” in the sense that every human life is redeemable, every human life has meaning, every human life continues to impact us and surround us beyond death.

However you experience the resurrection story, may it bring to you a sense of wonder and awe at the power of God to transform life, beyond our imagination.


By Linda Hunter


O God, we are an Easter people!  Our faith in your love and compassion lives beyond death and brings us new life.  We rejoice, knowing that the Easter Story is our story—a reminder that the new life that comes to us, in whatever way it comes to us, is your gift to us.     AMEN   

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