Healing Touch Service on April 14th

In ancient times and in the present, a sign of receiving God into one’s heart and life is being anointed with oil.

Sunday, April 14 we will hold our Annual Service of Healing and Renewal with Songs of Taize and meditative hymns.

As in previous Services of Healing and Renewal, members of the Knox Healing Touch Ministry will be available to anoint those desiring it, and to provide a Blessing with the laying on of hands. We trust that the powerful combination of music, meditation, and this ritual, will enrich your spiritual journey.

Brother Roger, the founder of the Taize Community, moved to Taize, France in 1940 during the German occupation, with the idea of forming a community of reconciliation.  He first wanted to reconcile Christians and then to overcome conflicts within the human family and today the community is “a sign of reconciliation among divided Christians and separate peoples.  Over twenty five countries and every continent are represented in the Taize community.

The music of Taize is unique and different from every other form of music used within Christian worship.  There is a simplicity of form, both textually and musically that lends itself to repetition and development.  The concept of personal prayer combined with song is fundamental to a Taize service.

Brother Roger wrote, “nothing is more conducive to a communion with the living God than a meditative common prayer with singing that never ends and that continues in the silence of one’s heart”.

Come and join with us Sunday, April 14.

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