Hello from Rev. Dr. David Holmes



Now that I have been here almost a month, I thought I would introduce myself a bit.  I’m the “local boy,” more or less – I have been in Calgary since 1992, serving Robert McClure United in the Northeast for 16 years, followed by 7 years in a team ministry with my wife Karen at McDougall United in the Southeast.

I grew up in Edmonton (and yes, I’m afraid I’m still an Oilers fan, depressing as that has been of late), the son of a University professor (my dad is a parasitologist, and also taught marine biology, ecology, boreal ecology, and other courses at the U of A) and, by the time I came along, a stay-at-home Mom.  I grew up in a United Church, and had a very significant experience in youth and young adult groups there, but by the time I reached university myself I was headed for a career in academic science.

Something got derailed during my undergraduate years, though, and I ended up with a degree in Drama – followed fairly quickly by a move to Vancouver for seminary.  Karen and I were married by then (we have been now for almost 33 years!), and have periodically also been a team in ministry since then.  We have two grown sons, of whom we are very, very proud.

I’m a “school junkie,” never more at home than on a university campus or in a learning program of one sort or another, so along the way I have received training as an educational supervisor, a spiritual director, and finally with a Doctor of Ministry degree (that’s the professional degree, rather than the academic Ph.D) in Gospel and Culture from Columbia Seminary in Atlanta.  My project involved leading a congregation in an intentional experiment in Sabbath practice, as a way to pull free of the consumer culture’s cycles of busyness and dissatisfaction.

There is a spirit blowing.

Of late I have been energized by my connections with the interfaith community here in Calgary, and with a growing network of agencies, unions, communities, leaders and just plain people who have a common interest in the common good.  It is this interest and energy which has brought me to Knox.  It seems there is a Spirit blowing, that is both renewing churches and also connecting us with our neighbours.

Well, and I love cooking and eating (especially with friends), I enjoy travelling and bicycling, I play a guitar and look forward to getting better (and maybe playing in a band?), I love looking for birds and snakes and mushrooms…  I curl regularly, but I’ll try my hand and almost any sport you choose!  I also love sitting and reading.

It is very exciting for me to join the team here at Knox.

I look for real fun!  I look for real depth and integrity.  I look for mission that is meaningful.   And I know that all of these are more than possible – they are right here at hand.

And away we go!

Dave Holmes

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