Knox Adventure Tours – Our first day trip

A Rosebud Lunch Theatre Outing

  • When:  Saturday June 07 @ 9:30am – 5:30pm
  • Cost:  $90 (Includes bus, lunch, theatre tickets and GST)
  • Play:  Chickens, by Lucia Frangione

chickensAn “uproariously funny musical” in which Pal escapes from his woes of bankruptcy and immerses himself in the world of raising exotic chickens while his wife, Liza, tries to keep the family farm afloat.  Meanwhile, in the chicken coop, two roosters and two hens parallel the couple’s life and get down and dirty with the pressures of egg fertilization and the country poultry fair.

For more information: Please call Tour Organizer Ralph Dilworth @ 403-217-5398

Deadline to sign up: Payment to Sue in the Office by May 9th.

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