Knox Memorial Stained Glass Window

Knox memorial window

Did you see the recent article about Knox’s Memorial window?

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The Memorial Window

by James Cornock

The theme of the design of the Window portrays SUFFERING HUMANITY looking up for life’s battle to Christ. It may be known to some as the Memorial Window – or – to others – the Peace Window.

The central figure is the Risen Christ – who carries in one hand the Banner of Triumph over Death – while the other hand is raised in Benediction. His inner garment is of white, cream, and gold – which signify Purity.

The Mantle is a soft blending of pink, crimson, and lavender – to symbolize his Passion and Death. On the emerald scroll – which floats about him – is inscribed: “I am the resurrection and the life.” His head is backed by a nimbus of elaborate ornament in which will be noted the form of the Cross. A conventional oval of clouds surrounds him – and – from his figure extend rays that vary from white and cream – to a light yellow and gold – terminating in a deep green and blue.

The other figures in the design are arranged in corresponding tiers. The upper tier – which is on the same level as the figure of Christ – consists of angels and cherubs of various types – posed in a devotional attitude and singing the praise of the Lord.

Below the angels are Knights clad in the armour of light – representing glorified spirits typifying the following virtues:

  • Fidelity – bearing the Union Jack crowned with laurels;
  • Nobility;
  • Honour;
  • Humility;
  • Devotion;
  • Patience;
  • Sincerity;
  • Brotherly Love and
  • Charity – carrying the Red Cross Banner.

Below the Knights, the horrors of war are represented. From left to right, the figures represent:

  • a wounded Canadian Soldier;
  • a Canadian Soldier dying in the arms of a Nurse;
  • a dying soldier directly above whom stands the welcoming Christ;
  • the face of the next figure – represents the awakening of one who has strayed from the right way – but now sees the light once more;
  • the figure on the extreme right – represents a person bowed down in shame and penitence.

In the mid distance and background – are scenes of wounded, dying and dead Soldiers – OF BOTH CONTENDING ARMIES. On the central panel to the left – is a smoking gun – and on the right – a village Church in flames.

In the tracery above the main panels are pictured two (or 4) angels – beneath which are the scrolls with inscriptions: “The armies in Heaven followed him: and “He hath prepared for them a City.”

Each of the panels has a creative base. These bases represent:

  • The Beaver and the Maple Leaf for Canada;
  • The English Rose;
  • The Rose and Thistle, surmounted by the Crown of Britain;
  • The Shamrock and Thistle and
  • The Shield of Alberta.

The large part of the central bases are filled with scrolls on which is inscribed: “TO THE GLORY OF GOD – AND IN LOVING MEMORY OF THE HEROES OF KNOX CHURCH – WHO FELL IN THE GREAT WAR.”

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