Lenten Reflection for April 12

Scriptures for today

  • Psalm 31:9-16
Lamentations 3:55-66
  • Mark 10:32-34

Dungeon photoPsalm 31 and Lamentations 3 were written by individuals who were suffering. The psalm talks of social rejection and physical pain. But the psalmist trusts in God: “I trusted in thee, O Lord. I said, Thou art my God”.

Likewise, Jeremiah is imprisoned in a “low dungeon”. He endures great physical and mental anguish. Despite the pain, he says that the Lord has “redeemed his life”. Both of these scriptures illustrate that in spite of the difficulties that life presents, our faith should sustain us. We should be comforted in knowing that God is with us.

St. Mark tells us how Jesus told his disciples about his future trial, condemnation, and death. The disciples were afraid, of course, not only for Jesus, but probably for their own lives. But, like the psalmist and Jeremiah, they put their faith in their Lord.

We are reminded in these three selections that no matter what befalls us, we must have faith that God is with us.   ♥

by Marg and Gerry Hawley

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