Lenten Reflection for April 2 – Holy Thursday

Sail up on the mast

Scripture: Mark 14:1-50

The Power of Our Story

I remember meeting with our church youth group at a cabin on Lake Ontario.  The wind was blowing and our host asked if anyone knew how to sail.  One member said he had read a great deal on the subject and would take some of us out for an adventure in the owner’s boat.

And it was an adventure!  For it turned out that there is a rather large gap between reading about sailing and actually knowing how to sail.  We followed our friend, thinking that he could help us to navigate properly, only to discover that he was really no help at all.  The boom swung wildly as the wind shifted, knocking some into the water.  We rolled and pitched without control.  Finally, wet and wiser, we dragged the boat back to shore.

When we say that we follow Jesus, we are not just saying that we are trying to imitate someone who had some good ideas about how we should navigate life.  Rather, we are saying that we travel with someone who knows well the seas we sail.  Jesus was not primarily a teacher or a dreamer.  Rather, he was one who showed, in his actions, what trust and love could and can accomplish.

The Gospels, especially passion passages like Mark 14, are not theory.  Rather, they are a demonstration that love does give life meaning and that sacrificing for others is what imbues it with purpose.  Jesus did not just talk about this; he lived it.  And he calls us to live our lives with the faith he followed, finding the wisdom and strength that trust in God gives.

Christ shows it can be done, and grasping that is the heart of our faith.

By Grant Dawson


O God, when we feel adrift on the sea of life, anchor our vessel and remind us of the ministry of Jesus which gives meaning and purpose to the journey we are making.    AMEN

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