Lenten Reflection for April 8

Scriptures for today

  • Psalm 143
  • 2 Kings 4:18-37
Ephesians 2:1-10

wimdow_4053Profound deep and unwavering faith is not often experienced and not often openly or personally challenged in our day to day lives of the 21st century. When you come across it, the effect can be extreme and long-lasting on everyone who has been touched. People with such faith should be held in awe; their leadership and example can be the positive influence that is so needed in many segments of life.

What better way to reveal the power of deep faith than by the death of a child – the most horrific and anguishing experience ever. The person who can survive that experience with faith intact will be able to affect so many others. A positive outlook on life is infectious and can ensure the spread of happiness and good health.

Accompanying a close friend on a journey through serious disease is a window showing how strong faith can have impact on those who are close. When friends and family die, the value of their faith can be related leaving a legacy of peace and understanding behind. Truly a difference has been made and the world can be a better place. Knowing people of deep faith is a privilege and should be recognized personally for the meaning that such a life can bring.

The circle of life on earth is celebrated every spring; thoughts and prayers should turn to thanks for those impactful lives that have affected each and every one of us.    ♥

by Lynda Murch

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