Lenten Reflection for April 9

Scriptures for today

  • Psalm 143
Jeremiah 32:1-9, 36-41
  • Matthew 22:23-33

coffee-P1010685Psalm 143: This Psalm of David is firstly a confession of his sins, secondly a lamentation over his injuries, and thirdly, a supplication for temporal deliverances and spiritual graces.

For me, it was a reminder of a personal injustice that was done to me over a year ago.

I was falsely accused by a neighbour of something that I hadn’t done. I chose anger over this incident and harboured ill feelings towards this person. I would often sit in church and confess my anger and intolerance towards my neighbour. I asked God for forgiveness. I prayed for strength, for wisdom, and of course for tolerance.

It was easier to whine about this injustice, than to forgive and move on.

During lent my supplication will be to reconnect and truly forgive my neighbour. I must humbly trust in God and believe in God’s divine love.

I will take a deep breath, forgive my enemy, love, and continue embracing this amazing life. Like David I pray for the restoration and guidance for my soul.   ♥

by Arlene McGrath

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