Lenten Reflection for February 22

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Scripture: Genesis 9:8-17

After reading this passage from Genesis involving the discussion between God and Noah regarding the building of the Ark, I remembered hearing this story as a very young child from my Sunday School teacher, Mrs. Griffey. At that age, I was always enthralled by these stories and the lovely pamphlets containing each one, with a coloured picture on the front that was my very own to take home! Even at the age of six years, I was an avid reader and these “gifts” from the Granum United Church were very much treasured.

However, there was always a question in my mind as to how Noah was able to physically accommodate all those creatures, as well as his family members, on board the Ark. Of course, this is a topic for discussion even today!

As I grew older, I thought more about the covenant that God had made with Noah regarding future punishments to be given to the evil and the corrupt. According to this Biblical passage, God promised that He would not send further floods to wipe out every living thing, except a chosen few, so long as Noah followed his directions explicitly. At the time, this seemed to me to be a good contractual deal.

As I continue to ponder this passage today, however, I think perhaps there was an important omission in the contract. God did not state what should happen to the evil and corrupt people that would inevitably appear in future generations. Perhaps He felt that human beings would “learn their lesson” following the flood catastrophe. Unfortunately, humankind did not seem to change completely for the better in Noah’s day and we are certainly struggling in the modern world today!

We have hatred that originated centuries ago and is still present today, resulting in corruption and violent attacks on innocent people. How can these problems be eradicated so that our next generations will be able to live together peacefully?

I believe that God needs the help of the many good, righteous people of this world to solve these problems. We all look forward to seeing the rainbow of understanding again!

By Elaine Stewart


Covenant God, you have placed your rainbow in the sky and promised that you will be our God. Even as our ancestors in faith struggled with evil and corruption, so, too, do we today. Help the many good and righteous people of this world strive to overcome ancient hatreds and begin again.   AMEN

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