Lenten Reflection for February 23

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Scripture: Psalm 25:1-10

There are a few words that really stand out for me in this psalm. Let’s have a look.


God is our protector. Not that we are wrapped in cotton batten and shielded from all harm; rather, we are given a firm foundation that guides us in our daily lives. Like a loving parent, God provides the refuge when it is needed, but God does not want us to linger too long in the safety of the nest. Our lives are meant to be lived in the world.


I remember from earlier choir days that we would sing, “Teach me, O Lord, the way of thy statute and I will keep it until the end”. This psalm echoes those sentiments with its words, Teach me your ways, O Lord, make them known to me. Teach me to live according to your truth, for you are my God, who saves me”. Looking for the way and showing the way as we are called to do are parts of our tradition. We seek to learn the way. This longing connects us with our Buddhist brothers and sisters who aspire to the principles of right thought, right words, right action.


I have heard faith described as believing that which is not seen. In other words, trusting. We are called to trust one another and to trust in God. To have trust means sometimes putting aside the rational, logical part of our brains and, instead, letting our hearts come to the forefront. This part is really challenging. This part asks that we become more childlike, open and vulnerable, which can be very hard to do. When we are more open and accepting, we can more fully connect with each other. “In you, my God, I trust”.

By Margaret Miyagishima


O God, thank you for the challenge that comes to me when I read scripture. Protect me, but encourage me to risk. Teach me your ways. I place my trust in you, making myself more open so that I might live in relationship with you and the world.   AMEN

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