Lenten Reflection for Holy Saturday

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Scripture: Psalm 121

We are living the “in-between” time.  The time between the horrific events of Good Friday and the dawn of hope that comes with Easter Sunday.  It is a sombre, introspective time, providing us with an opportunity to reflect on the actions of human beings—torturing, ridiculing, despising, spitting, abusing—all of which were endured by Jesus.  Who are we?  What lurks in the depths of us?  Are we depraved and is their nothing redeemable about us?

Psalm 121 is a welcome sliver of joy in the midst of this Holy Saturday time of reflection.  It reminds us that God loves us, God walks with us, God watches over us.  In the midst of our cynicism and despair because of Good Friday, the Psalmist comes to us and reminds us that we are good.  We come from good and God expects us to live lives of justice and peace because God knows that we are capable of it.

Are you living an “in-between time” in your life?  Are you filled with worry and anxiety about what is ahead for you?  Are you seeking to make a change in your life, but don’t know how to get started because you are afraid of what the future might bring?  Are you feeling abandoned by God?

These are the difficult questions that Holy Saturday brings to us.  As the hours slide by and we look to the dawning of a new day, read and re-read Psalm 121.  It is the gift of joy that God brings to us as we await the arrival of Easter Sunday.

By Linda Hunter


God of Good Friday and God of Holy Saturday, we give you thanks for this opportunity to reflect on all the events of Holy Week.  We have paraded through the streets of Jerusalem shouting, “Hosanna”; we have gathered at table to share Holy Communion; we have kneeled at the cross; and we have wept bitter tears at the death of our beloved mentor, Jesus.  Now we wait, with growing hope for the dawn that is to come.   AMEN 

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