Lenten Reflection for March 1


Scripture: Mark 9:2-9

I get the idea that I have a missing component to my journey. It seems that I tend to think “catastrophically” when I slip to the dark side. Lately, I have been challenged with finding the confidence that I will ever find freedom again. The thoughts around “failure” become quite strong and, seemingly, not likely to fade.

Well, of course, the solution I rely upon is those “psychological” tools; to realize that there is much evidence I can rely upon to defeat the strong, delusional, without-evidence thoughts. So what if this idea of a Holy Spirit inside of me can be relied upon to help me. Perhaps I am already relying upon my little bit of Holy Spirit.

Is it that the Spirit has not left me when I go to the “dark”? Or is it really that I have left the Spirit? So, again, this idea is quite easy to visualize. In fact, I have just read a bunch of spiritual quotes, and I know that I am reading and feeling these quotes just a wee bit differently than before our wee chat here.

I know that my blogging this morning began to offer a needed lift in my daily mood score…not where I want it, but it seems I needed something to help me. This idea is good for me. It seems that this idea can help me realize I am worthy of freedom because I actually have my own little bit of the Holy Spirit within me.

Hmmmmmm….maybe I can learn what “love” really is, and what living in the most awesome relationship can be, where I do not hide, where I can be absolutely present and authentic.

Thank you for including me in this project…provocative, and helpful.

By David Richardson


Holy Spirit, remind me that you are always with me, even in the darkest moments of my life. Remind me, too, that your love for me is
unconditional, filling me with a sense of freedom and joy.  AMEN

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