Lenten Reflection for March 10

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Scripture: Jeremiah 31:31-34

This passage left me wondering how these words, written centuries ago in a distant land, could ever be relevant to my current day theology.  As I read and re-read these passages, I thought for a guilty moment,“Where is Linda when I really need her?”

This passage speaks to me about transformation—from a passive to a deeper sense of spirituality.  The verses do not tell us why or what happened to create this transformation, but a person more knowledgeable than I might have a suggestion or two. The last two verses suggest the law or the values in our minds, and the writing of this into our hearts, gives each of us the gift of empowerment to use in our lives.

I see these verses as the essence of living—the love, connection and reflection that we bring to our lives. A deeper and more meaningful way to live our lives than simply being told how to behave.  An elementary analogy is that the old approach is like a student who sits through a boring lecture without ever being given the opportunity to think or express an opinion.  In present day, as suggested by the new approach in the passage, the student has the information on which she is then able to base insightful questions.  Maybe there are similarities between our ancestors and us!

How do I live my life in this deeper way?  Maybe my act of writing is in some way reflective of my own spirituality and a way of sharing my experiences with others.  Now I  know why I have always been a postcard writer on trips.  It is a way of connecting with others.  Writing is a creative personal process.

For me, music is spiritual writing, it is tested often in daily life, and it offers a strategy to focus on untapped golden opportunities.  By carrying this writing on my heart, it is a way of mutual teaching where learning conversations are deep and rewarding between myself and others.  Life is difficult at times, but continuous learning is one way I try to realize these personal and spiritual goals in peaceful and constructive ways.  Indeed, these scriptures are continually fascinating as they offer a constant puzzle in guiding my spiritual life.

Submitted by Jo-Anne Willment


Gracious and loving God, I often find scripture puzzling and challenging.  But I return, again and again, seeking understanding and guidance for my personal life.  Thank you for the ancient prophets who bring wisdom to my modern day theology.  AMEN

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