Lenten Reflection for March 12

Scriptures for today

  • Psalm 32
  • Exodus 34:1-9, 27, 28
  • Matthew 18:10-14

Lost sheepExodus 34: 1-9

Earlier, the original Ten Commandment tablets were broken by Moses when he learned that the Israelites had disobeyed the Lord’s covenant – specifically the commandment that they should not worship other gods!

Now God says that s/he will replace the tablets and show compassion toward the Israelites and that he will be slow to anger and show great love and faithfulness – even to forgive their evil and sin. But there is an OR implied that God will not fail to punish children and future generations if the commandment is not obeyed!

Moses accepts these conditions and asks God to forgive these people and go with them to their promised land even though they are stubborn.

What about us? Do we accept this covenant for our lives? Are we willing this Lenten Season to review our relationship with God and her people? Will we be slower to anger? And show great love and faithfulness? Or will we remain stubborn? Do we forgive or carry a grudge?

Do we even see our occasional stubbornness as evil or sinful? I doubt it. We can get so caught up in our busy lives that we do not think of these tenets, unless we are confronted with some event or reason that causes us to self examine our actions. If we honestly love and have compassion, can’t we be a little less stubborn and forgiving?

Matthew 18: 10-14 Parable of the Lost Sheep

Jesus is answering the question of “Who is the Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven? Earlier in scripture he answers that children are. He follows that with the example that finding one lost sheep out of 100 makes a shepherd happier than the 99 that were not lost. Such is God’s happiness with any of us who stray or are lost from his kingdom. So, each of us is important. On a different level, if any one of us is lost or absent from the community, we are not the same. We should be diligent and encourage all members to be together in the “flock”

A common thread: God will seek out the least of us (each one of us) to show love and compassion, but don’t break any commandments! ♥

by Chuck Curry



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