Lenten Reflection for March 14

Scriptures for today

  • Psalm 121
  • Micah 7:18-20
  • Romans 3:21-31

photo of graves in HalifaxGod guards your life, your comings and your goings, henceforth and forever more.

Funerals are a part of my life.  My phone rings and a broken hearted voice at the other end of the line, asks me to come so we can plan a celebration of life. These are sacred and holy moments, filled with pain and wonder and mystery.

Death is the final frontier for all of us.  And it is a journey that all of us will make, sooner or later.  It is overwhelming, at times, and yet in the midst of the storm of grief there is a sense that God is somehow a part of it, calming the whirlwind within us. From birth through to death, God walks with us, holding us close, reminding us that in the ending of life, there is also a new beginning.

Nowhere is this expressed more beautifully than in Psalm 121.  I have read this passage of scripture at dozens and dozens of funerals.  It is hope filled.  It is comforting.  And, above all, it reminds us that our help comes from God.

And in times of death, scripture also seeks to reassure us that it is faith that counts (Romans 3:27).  It is faith that will carry us over the bridge that we travel from this life to the next.  Faith in a loving God.  Faith that the powers of death will not overcome us.  Faith that in whatever comes, God will be with us.

As we journey through Lent, drawing ever closer to the powerful events of Holy Week, may we be reminded that God is journeying with us, even as she walked with Jesus those many centuries ago.     ♥

by Rev. Linda Hunter

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