Lenten Reflection for March 15

Scriptures for today

  • Psalm 121
  • Isaiah 60:17-22
Luke 7:1-10

question photoIsaiah reflection

God’s teaching and justice go out to everyone in the world – to the most remote places.  Things that are familiar will disappear but God’s ‘making things right’ will go on forever.

When we know God’s truth within us we don’t need to fear those who scorn, criticize or hate us.  God’s justice will come to them and us.

Luke reflection

A Roman soldier sends his friends to ask Jesus for healing of his beloved servant.  The soldier believes that Jesus can heal; Jesus is amazed by his great faith and heals the servant.

What role does belief have in our life?

General reflection

  • How do we experience Divine justice (making things right) and healing (being made whole)?
  • Does God’s justice and healing come to us because we believe?
  • Do we experience God’s justice and healing because we deserve it?
  • What is the relationship between justice and healing?  Are they the same?
  • How do we experience salvation?  Is it related to justice and healing?  ♥

by Laverna Marchese

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