Lenten Reflection for March 17

Scriptures for today

  • Psalm 128
  • Numbers 21:4-9
  • Hebrews 3:1-6

Dock at Peggy's covePsalm 128 – Blessed Is Everyone Who Fears the Lord

The laws I committed to for my initial half-century created discomfort, and undesirable outcomes; self-esteem is dependent upon approval of others; if something negative happened in the past, it most certainly will be repeated in the future; I am weak and need to be dependent upon somebody to be happy; and, if I pretend that everything is okay, it will be, and I will be safe and happy.

Upon reflection, an inside voice often arose to remind me that “something is not right”.  Finally, the time arrived to choose differently, and to do the work necessary for change; aligned well with Psalm 128.

I see a simple, core message within Psalm 128; living a good and honest life will bring comfort of mind and good sleep; no matter what challenges arise, there will be good outcomes and opportunities to learn; and, good things come with hard work, and the benefits will be enjoyed.

From my experience, it is worthwhile to note that Psalm 128, whether in troubled times or in happier times, affirms; “where we face is where we end-up”; the importance to keep moving and to never look behind; and to choose to live according to the direction that brings peace to our lives.

The message of Psalm 128 reminds us that a new path can feel unfamiliar, and of the importance of having faith and not falling-back to the old ways; again consistent with my journey and experience.  To sustain a better life, and to continue with the commitment to take-care-of-myself, I am working on slowing down, asking questions and listening, seeking to be self-sufficient; assisting others, and reaching-out to new supportive relationships.

I am choosing to learn and grow from all experiences, and to enjoy the benefits that keep showing-up in my life – YAY!     ♣

by David Richardson

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