Lenten Reflection for March 21

Scriptures for today

  • Psalm 95
  • Matthew 15:29-31
  • Exodus 16:9-21
  • Ephesians 2:11-22

photo of pots in gardenMatthew 15:29-31 Jesus cures many people

I wonder how Jesus felt when he went to the mountain.  I think he must have separated himself from the others to be alone, to rest, and to reflect.  Yet the people came, bringing with them the lame, the maimed, the mute, the blind and many others.  They wanted to be healed, first and foremost.  So they came to Jesus.

The desire for healing, for whole health, comes before distrust or skepticism.  These people wanted only to be whole, so Maslow’s hierarchy of needs had no meaning for them.  Health comes first.  Without our health we have no energy for anything else.  They came, and Jesus had compassion for them.  He was present to them, and asked God for help.  He prayed.  Jesus came on earth so that people could have the abundant life, the wholeness of health.  Health comes first, above all other needs.

Jesus was with God, and he served as a vehicle where God came to each and healed them.  Jesus was the means to greater health, and still is.  Human beings are now just learning to be healers with God.  None of us are perfect vehicles, as Jesus was, but we are healed ourselves as we try to do his work with those who come to us.

The people praised God, the God of Israel.  They knew that God was the power behind the healing.  They knew that Jesus was the servant of God, the link that brought healing and health to their bodies.  They came to Jesus; they thanked God.

What did the mute feel?  To be able to speak, to use their God-given voice?  Again? Or for the first time?  How wonderful it must have been for the formerly mute to express who they were in wholeness and in health.  Now others would know who they really were.  They were fully alive.

No wonder they praised God, and Jesus, his messenger.  He brought healing and wholeness to their lives.    ♥

by Sharon Montgomery

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