Lenten Reflection for March 22

Scriptures for today

  • Psalm 95
  • Exodus 16:27-35
John 4:1-6

Photo of pathwayLent is a special time in the Christian calendar. A time, if we choose to accept it, to journey within ourselves, there to reflect on the relationship we have with God because of our acceptance of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We sometimes speak of life as a Walk Of Faith. Faith in Jesus gives us one clear lens though which to glimpse the reality of a God, who does indeed exist. A God whose essence is Love, whose Purpose is the Good of all Mankind, and whose Will is expressed in the writings we call Scriptures.

Those who have gone before us in this Walk of Faith have left us a path to follow, but sometimes their footsteps seem too large for us to fill.  Like the builders of this magnificent old Knox United Church. But there are other tracks too! Tracks made by people who are just as insecure and uncertain as we sometimes are, who did and are still doing remarkable things.

So what we are called to do in our Walk of Faith? Some are poor in our community. We are called to feed and clothe then, and we do. Some are homeless and we are led to find shelter for them, and we have. Some are bullied and abused and we are moved to protest against the abuses they suffer and to mitigate them where that is possible.  But what of the abusers, the gougers, the exploiters, are they not also God’s children? Prayer works most often by first changing minds and then the behaviour of people. And did not Jesus, on the cross, pray even for those crucifying him?

So, I find myself failing badly in this area. And if I see my error here I would rather correct it now then have it pointed out to me when my Walk of Faith on this earth is over.  ♥

by Ed Pedersen

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