Lenten Reflection for March 30

waves crashing on the rocks

Scripture: John 12:12-16

As Jesus entered Jerusalem, He did it in a most unassuming and humble way—by riding on a donkey.  His intention was to show that His power was not based on control, but on love.  His power was not about riches, but about humility.  His power was not to divide, but to embrace us all.

Jesus knew that the opposition to his teachings would be strong and powerful.  His opponents followed him wherever He went.  They traveled in big and sumptuous carriages, all dressed in gold and silver.

To fulfill the scriptures, it was inevitable that He would be killed.  But only for a short while.  Ultimately, He would be resurrected to sit next to his father in heaven.  His message and His spirit would survive adversity, flourishing like a garden in the desert.  His message would travel over the mountains and across the valleys and plains.  His message would travel to farms and  harbours, hamlets and cities.  It would travel around the world and spread to each continent.

His message is simple and clear:  to love one another as He loves all of us.

By Max R. Aranguiz-Astudillo


God of promise, we thank you for the ministry of Jesus which travelled around the world, transforming lives and bringing hope to millions.  Help us to live in the light of your love, with humility and grace.   AMEN

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