Lenten Reflection for March 31

Palm Trees

Scripture: Isaiah 50:4-9

The Lord has blessed us with speech to express what we learn.  We can use our speech in God’s service to help those who need guidance or assurance.  In short, become a teacher, a mentor, a friend.

We should always be attentive to teachings of love and caring that God gives us.  To wake each morning to soothing silence and a feeling of peace, to bird song and the celebration of a new day with the joys and challenges it brings, is a gift.  Get up and be inspired by the sunrise.  God has gifted you with another day to enjoy His wonders.

My aunt used to take me down to the pasture as a youngster and tell me, “Lie down and listen to the grass grow.”  How refreshing and calming this was, even to an active youngster.  It also encouraged my imagination to scan the clouds to see different shapes and forms.  I still, on occasion, try to do this, lying on a beach.  It is amazing how refreshing and cleansing it can be, especially in times of stress.

God gives us so much information and encouragement that we can call up in our minds, like a computer library.  My computer includes some of these treasures:

  • walk in a forest and luxuriate in the serenity, the beauty of plants and flowers, and the sound of wind, serenading through the trees
  • behold mountain views, lakes and valleys
  • observe animals and birds inhabiting our world
  • listen to water rushing or flowing gently along its way, washing over the sand and rocks
  • feel the rain splashing in puddles or on roof tops, or in rushing torrents against your windows
  • walk your dog
  • talk to neighbours
  • watch children playing (even in the snow or rain)
  • marvel at a sunrise or sunset, fresh snow on fields or trees
  • give thanks for health
  • breathe in the essence and sound of another person.  This is when we, as students of the Lord’s teachings, can “Sustain with a word him that is weary.”

All of these are treats from God.  They can sustain us.  But we must remember to live our lives as the one God gifted to us; with joy, happiness, thanksgiving and a true desire to love and share with others His guidance and assurance of love everlasting.

By Curt Ansell


The wonders of your creation, O God, uplift and sustain me.  Your clouds scudding across the sky, the smell of new mown hay, the beauty of a bird in flight, all of these are gifts from you.  Thanks be to you, O God!   AMEN

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