Lenten Reflections Introduction

heart-P1030936The Heart Sings

Come back to the Knox Blog every day  from Ash Wednesday (March 5th) until Easter for a new Lenten and Holy Week reflection. Or, get the whole book in pdf form by clicking here.

You are about to read a precious document. It contains the thoughts, the dreams, the insights and the wisdom of a group of people who were asked to write the story of their faith as they read and reflected on passages of scripture. Each day of Lent, you are invited to step into the world of these individuals and listen to the echo of their heartbeats.

Some of the reflections are short and to the point. Some of the reflections are poignant and painful, capturing the difficulties that come to us in this life. Some of the reflections express puzzlement and vexation because the Bible is not an easy text to read or understand. All of the reflections are written from the heart, sharing with you this great, mysterious thing called faith.

I take this opportunity to thank every individual who said “Yes” to writing a reflection. They are courageous women and men. Why? Because to speak of our faith and then to share it with others is not typical for us. We prefer to leave that to The Minister! But each person who took the time to reflect and write is surely ministering to us, accompanying us on our journey through Lent. Special thanks to Marlene Hielema for formatting the booklet, and also posting the reflections on our website.

I encourage you to use this booklet as a resource for you as you embark on your Lenten journey, commencing on Ash Wednesday and continuing through to Easter Sunday. Find a quiet corner, bring your Bible down from the shelf, scan the passages and then read the reflection for that particular day. You might even jot down a reflection of your own. Devote 15 minutes every day to spending time with your Bible and your good friends from Knox, represented in this booklet.

Our deepest prayer is that your faith will be enriched and your life renewed by the reflections of the folks from Knox who are journeying through Lent with you.

Blessings for your Lenten journey, Linda

p.s. If you wish, you can download the entire booklet of Lenten Reflections here.

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