A Minister’s Musings . . . On New Beginnings

by Linda Hunter

Where is the nearest bathroom?  Do we celebrate birthdays and who brings the cake?  Will I ever remember the entranceway code?  Help!  There are so many keys.

Those are a few of my random thoughts as I begin my time with you here at Knox.  Now that I am fully rested from my long retirement (four months!), I have plenty of energy and enthusiasm for the ministry that is at the heart of the Knox community.  Everyone I have met has been so kind.  And, all of you are so wonderfully distinctive and unique, that I am managing to remember most of your names.

  • For example, James wears cool, funky glasses.
  • The other James knows how to figure out budgets.
  • Margaret knows how to chair a meeting and keeps us on our toes and on time.
  • And Chuck knows everything there is to know about every nook and cranny of this church.  And he cooks too!
  • But who is that guy waving his arms at me from the balcony?  Oh, that’s the sound operator telling me to TURN ON MY MICROPHONE!

Grant has been particularly welcoming and fills my head with much important information—after the third hour my eyes start to glaze over.  I find out that booking weddings at Knox takes a PhD and that he will be sending me lots more forms in the coming days.  Who knew a church needed so many forms?

And, Sue, thank God for Sue.  She seems to know where everything is and can lead me directly to it.  And she, along with a little work crew, has offered to paint my office.  I have asked her to come to my home because I have lots more painting there, but then her eyes glaze over!

New beginnings are a part of the human landscape of our lives.

Each day is a new beginning.  It is a great gift from God.  Because however chaotic and messy yesterday was, God gives us that new day.  And that is true even in our death.  Death marks the beginning of a new day lived in a new dimension of existence.

With the gift of a new day before us, we are also given a multitude of choices about how we will live that new day.  I have chosen to live some of my days here at Knox.  I am so looking forward to meeting more of you, beginning our journey of discovery together and peering into the future with hope and anticipation.

Grant is living the final days of his time with us here at Knox.  I know that it will be a rich time of remembering, savouring and enjoying the many friendships he has forged with you over the past 37 years.  I know that I am savouring each day with him as my colleague.  And for Grant, of course, a new beginning is on the horizon—retirement and the opportunity to pursue other areas of interest in his life.

New beginnings, while exciting, can also bring a sense of anxiety.

New beginnings are always about stepping into the unknown.  But just as sure as I am that I will eventually figure out where the stationary is stashed, I know, too, that God is with us.  We are never alone.  Thanks be to God!

Blessings and shalom,

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