Music Visioning Committee Update

In late 2012 this committee was created to address the upcoming vacancy in the principal position of organist/music director for 2013. You may recall our questionnaires in November seeking your input regarding the music direction at Knox, the role of the current music ministry program, how music can inspire our spiritual development for Sunday worship, and how we as a congregation could support and develop a changing music outreach within the Calgary community.

Your participation and assistance was instrumental in drafting the new job description for an incoming organist/music director.

A position that can focus on choral development among all ages, and bring diverse musical styles to fulfill our faith needs with meaningful worship services. An individual that can create associations with Calgary’s various musical communities and encourage the development of small group and instrumental performance. A mentor that can bring an understanding of the role of music as it relates to Christian worship in a United Church, in both traditional and contemporary styles.

This job description has been approved by the Unified Board, and has been submitted to the Royal Canadian College of Organists for advertisement within the Canadian organist community.  Additional ads are being reviewed for distribution within the various national music associations and publications.

Respectfully submitted,

Tim Bell, Knox Music Visioning Committee

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