Musical Chairs Program

Friday lunchtime concerts! And the performer is you!

Are you a musician at heart? It’s time to break out of the office chair, and burst into song!

Team up with your co-workers to create 40 minutes of fabulous music that you can share with the downtown crowd.



Knox United is a downtown church filled with beautiful, resonant spaces. It is an inspirational and creative place for those who want to re-claim music in their lives.

We want to encourage business professionals to re-ignite their love of music making with their co- workers and friends.

Musical collaboration also fosters great work relations. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Why me?

  • Tired of typing on a keyboard? Play that piano!
  • Tangled in phone cords?
  • Strum those guitar chords!
  • Sighing from frustration? Sing your heart out!

All acoustic instruments welcome (woodwinds, brass, strings, guitar, keyboard, voice, etc.)

The Details

  • Gather your musicians, and choose a Friday date.
  • Knox will host one Friday concert per month.
  • Bookings will depend on interest, availability and demand.
  • Knox’s music director & administrator will support your team, as you prepare a 30-40 minute concert.
  • Knox will provide rehearsal space on weekdays from 12-1 PM, starting 3 weeks before your concert date.

Contact: Music Director, Chellan Hoffman


Knox office: (403) 269-8382

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