October Fest, Rest, Renewal

All these states of body, mind and spirit were present during the Rejuvenation Day at Knox, Saturday, October 5th. This is the third time that the Healing Touch Ministry has organized an extended time for healing and relaxation on a Saturday. The first took place in January 2010, and a “Spring Tune-up” followed in May 2011. Healing Touch sessions are offered, and Yoga and Meditation have been added to enhance the experience.


On this occasion, Nilou Davoudi directed us in a meditation using sayings from Rumi, centred on the idea of being in the moment with joy. With gentle movements, and concentration on breathing, we were encouraged to find peace in the centre of our being. We ended doing the very beginning of turning as whirling dervishes do.


I joined Shawn Dawson in his Yoga class. His encouraging, humorous teaching style helped me to stretch and mould my rather inflexible body in positions such as downward-facing dog, and the various warrior poses. My “tree” was an extremely trembling aspen. I can understand how regular practice would benefit body, mind, and spirit.


Rounding out the day was sharing food in the kitchen. Breaking bread together, or scooping hummous on a cracker builds community and bring that sense of being cared for that is so important.

Everyone worked together to make the day a success:  Maureen Johnson made and confirmed appointment times; Shirley Chandler, Gladys Walters, Doreen Orman. Margaret Miyagishima and I brought food. Cheryl Garden was able to join us for the day. Bev Nodrick and Gail McDonald from other groups were helpful additions to our team, since Sharon Montgomery was sidelined with her fractured sternum, and Ellen Lang had a bad cold.

We want to thank Sue Forsyth for her support and help, and thanks to the people who came to enjoy the day and we trust that they were enriched and re-invigorated.

Submitted by Elizabeth Campbell 

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