Pride Parade Update – March with us September 1st

Friends,  We had a dream… the dream of a multitude of courageous marchers who would stand up and join the parade…and I think we’re it!

The Pride Parade is almost here!

I have learned that our parade position is I-3(I as in island.) This is very close to the end of the parade so we should look for each other on Stephen Avenue close to McLeod Trail.

Affriming United Churches Calgary

Sharon Montgomery from Knox has gotten a beautiful banner for us announcing us as Affirming United Churches, so look for the banner.

We need to be in position by 11:45 with the parade beginning at HIGH NOON…

Whomever gets there early (by 11:00 ­+) should look for some official looking parade person and check in…telling them that you are part of the United Churches.  We don’t all need to do that and I will check when I get there, but anyone could speak for the group just to let the parade people know we are showing up.

If you could contribute a loonie to Wild Rose (give them to Betsy) to help cover the $60 registration cost, that would be great…but loonie or not, come walk with us!

We will also be passing out small (business card size) ads about the upcoming Affirming Learning Event,. Nov 8 & 9 at Parkdale United.  Don’t be shocked that you don’t know anything about that, we are just beginning to get the final details nailed down and the word out.

The team that has been working on your behalf began at the Spring Desert Potluck at Wild Rose.  We wanted to have something to distribute at the parade so just the vital info is on the card…more details are coming.  Check for updated info here on the Knox United website. More info is coming soon!

Please bring along any sign or banner you have that announces your individual affirming congregation.  We do want to help folks find us …

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday….please pass along this info to anyone you know from your congregation that is coming…we really hope to have a large crowd…a multitude of courageous walkers!

Blessings, Betsy Young


Don’t forget to check out the Affirm Event in November. It’s for LGBT and Allies – click here for more information

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