Pride Parade Wrap Up!


Knox LGBTQ members, our partners, friends and many allies were commissioned and anointed with oil by Rev. Linda Hunter, during the September 1st service before heading out to march in the Pride Parade.

Here are the commissioning promises we made ….

I ask you, as you prepare to walk in Calgary’s Gay Pride Parade today, do you promise to walk with a sense of being called, with a sense of honouring all who walk beside you, with a sense of God’s spirit within you?

We do, giving thanks to God for calling us to this holy task.

Do you promise to walk respectfully, mindful that all with whom you walk and all whom you meet, are much loved children of God?

We will, mindful of the spark of God that resides in each person.

Will you promise, in action, in word and in deed, to reflect the ministry of Jesus, a ministry of social justice, deep compassion and unconditional love?

We do, with the Spirit of God to guide and strengthen us in our living of the Gospel.

Then, on behalf of this gathered company of witnesses, the community of Knox United Church, I commission you to your work, walking in the footsteps of Jesus. May you feel the powerful presence of all of us, those who walk and those who remain, praying for you and anointing you with grace.


Thank you to all who walked with us!

  • We had about 75 people in our combined affirming group!
  • A special thanks to Betsy Young for organizing our marching group!
  • And thank you to those who carried the banners and signs back to church after the parade!

At this time we’d also like to give a very special thanks to the members of Knox (many of them straight) who over the years have worked hard to make Knox an Affirming Congregation!

Here are some photos from the parade and the party in Millennium Park afterward.

pride-0217 pride-0220 pride-0222 pride-0223

pride-0234 pride-0239 pride-0242 pride-0246

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