Spiritual Development at Knox

A vision statement for spiritual development at Knox United Church:

We invite seekers and searchers to stand on the cutting edge of their faith in order to deepen their spiritual lives.

Spiritual development programming at Knox is therefore dedicated to pushing at the boundaries of faith and reason.

We seek to deepen awareness of social justice issues and initiatives in our community.

We work for transformational change, both personally and in the world.

Our guiding principles include:

  • We are seekers of wisdom, with Jesus as our teacher and guide
  • We celebrate that the exploration of spirituality is limitless and requires openness, courage and an innate curiosity about the world of Spirit
  • We embrace a progressive theology, broad in scope and direction
  • We also embrace life-long learning as part of our vision, honouring our children, our youth, our adults and our wise elders
  • We seek to build community, based on trust and inclusivity
  • We seek to be courageous in raising awareness of social justice issues that are a part of our 21st Century context
  • We initiate partnerships, support ecumenism and welcome inter-faith dialogue
  • Our spiritual programming is open to everyone, including the wider community of Calgary and beyond

Spiritual Development at Knox

Be sure to watch the bulletin and our web site for further spiritual offerings throughout the year.

For further information on any of our Adult Spiritual Development programs, please call the Knox United Church office: 403-269-8382

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