Ten things you gotta know about summer



Ahhhh!  A sizzling summer season (in between rain drops!)

How’s your summer going?

Spending time with relatives and friends in exotic places?  Sticking close to home and enjoying a backyard barbeque?  Lazing by a lake and fighting off mosquitoes?  Whatever you are doing in this summer season, here are some important points to ponder at its midpoint.

  1. Gas prices always spike on long weekends or when there is trouble anywhere in the world.  Our dependence on fossil fuels to energize our world is a volatile, risky business.  Would now be the time to pour some money into alternatives?
  2. We Canadians live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world—a precious gem of mountains, fresh water lakes and vast prairie land.  Let’s never take its wonder and beauty for granted.
  3. A road trip can be across the country or down to the nearest park in our city.  Have you visited Fish Creek Park lately?  Thank God for the visionaries who set aside a green belt on the southern edge of the city, recognizing that in a concrete world, we need to feel soft, grassy soil under our feet.
  4. The Province of Alberta is one of the wealthiest provinces in Canada, rich in resources, especially oil.  And we live accordingly—fine cars, massive homes and luxury goods from around the world.  However, if all peoples of the world lived as we do, we would need another 3 planets to maintain that lifestyle.  Since this is the only planet we have, perhaps we better dial back our expectations and use wiser stewardship of the earth and its resources.
  5. There are no easy ways to deal with difficult family members who might be with you this summer at a wedding.  They are who they are.  Love them anyway.
  6. We often bemoan the fact that our summer season in Canada is short—very short!  But quit thinking about winter already! Live in the glorious now and savour each moment.
  7. Isn’t it amazing how much children seem to grow over the summer months (and lose teeth?).
  8. During the summer months, political debates seem to disappear.  Thank goodness for the respite.  Politics in Canada has become a dirty game of mudslinging and character defamation that demeans all of us.  Where are our dreamers and visionaries in politics today?  A rare species indeed.
  9. Read!  Read!  Read!  Summer often provides delicious opportunities to dive into a good book and to savour the wonder of the human mind that can create a world through the written word.
  10. Contemplate the divine mystery of life and your place in it, remembering always that you are a much loved child of God whose life matters.

Happy summer!

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