The 5 Developmental Tasks of Interim Ministry


Knox has begun a period of Interim Ministry, following the departure of longtime clergy and music staff.  A Transition Team, appointed jointly by the Knox Board and Presbytery has begun work to coordinate this process, and welcomed two new staff for this period, Linda Hunter and Bill Bruce.

The 5 Developmental Tasks are

  1. Coming to terms with history;
  2. Discovering a new identity;
  3. Managing shifts in leadership;
  4. Rethinking denominational linkages; and
  5. Commitment to new leadership and a new future.

1. Coming to terms with history
We tell one another – and new people – the congregational stories, making new sense as we end one long chapter with beloved clergy and music staff.  We tell public stories, and private personal ones, of who and what we have loved and lost at Knox, before we can look for the next chapter.

2. Discovering a New Identity
Who and what are we becoming as a congregation, and how has our context changed? What gifts (assets) define us: not simply our building or staff, but our changing participants and neighbours?   We need to watch and listen, not only for what to conserve, but for what our emerging calling may be.

3. Managing shifts in Leadership
Not only our staff is changing – some volunteers step back in the in-between times, while others step up.  Our emerging identity redefines the roles expected of leaders, and the process of change is tied up in an emotional system of mutual commitments, seeking balance, and feeling anxiety.

4. Rethinking denominational linkages
We are not only a local congregation, but part of a regional, national, and global church.   How closely do we identify with our Calgary Presbytery network, our national United Church, and what can we ask of them and offer to them?  We will find resources, and models of other ways of being, among them.

5. Commitment to new leadership and a new future
As the work of the 4 previous developmental tasks comes to some sort of maturity, the congregation becomes more ready for a new future with new pastoral leadership.  We name our staffing needs, and seek new staff, ready to welcome them, and say goodbye to our interim staff.

Transition Team

Presbytery appointed Bob Mutlow, Tracy Robertson, and Linda Hunter.  The Knox Board appointed Ann Farebrother, Maureen Johnson, Kay de la Ronde, Ralph Dilworth, Tim Bell, and James Wear.  They will help us all do our ‘5 tasks’.

Five Process Tasks of the Interim Minister

Bill Bruce was selected by the Transition Team as Intentional Interim Minister, and appointed by the Presbytery to staff this interim process, with specific tasks for which he is trained:

  1. Joining and Analyzing the System,
  2. The Congregation and the Denomination,
  3. Discerning Responsibility,
  4. Establishing Priorities, and
  5. Evaluate and Adjust.


Our shared ministry continues, in worship, service, learning, and healing.  Our Board continues to govern, and our staff and volunteers tend to the ongoing life of our community.

Bill Bruce invites you to further conversation about the interim process and tasks – start with telling him Knox stories during August: 403-607-2152

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