The Studio

Here at Knox we are working on several initiatives to better serve those in the 25-54 age bracket (and, we hope, the rest of us as well!).  One of the most visible of the changes, so far, is the presence of the Studio in the West transept of the sanctuary (near the Labyrinth).

20151115_105246Instead of sending children to Sunday School during worship, we would like to invite them, and teach them, to participate in the whole of worship.  We have created the Studio for children and anyone else who would like to respond artistically to what is going on in worship.

So far there are some art supplies and a felt board there, plus a rocking chair and places for parents to sit.  The idea is NOT to give the children “something to do while the worship is happening.”  The idea is to give the children a way to connect with and respond to the worship.  So come on up to the Studio, grab some paper and pencils or pastels, and doodle through the worship.  And sing, pray, and join in the candle lighting.  We will do our best to include all ages in the worship.

The next step is to develop a social-media network to support parents as they make home and daily life the place where faith is learned, practiced and passed on.  If you would like to be a part of our “spiritual parenting” ministry, please call Dave Holmes at the church.  We are looking for both participants and leaders!


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