Transition Team Consultation – January 2014

The Transition Team at Knox has been working for nearly a year now. Anticipating an interim ministry after a long successful pastorate of Grant Dawson, we spent the first 6 months clarifying our goals and selecting an intentional interim minister to help with our work. The next six months were spent in observation and description of the congregation. Who and what have we been, and who and what are we becoming as a congregation?

In a nutshell, we begin 2014 with some clarity based in research and reflection.

We are a small warm congregation, in a big cool building…. and we love both! How can we conserve what we love? How can we build on what we began? ‘Right-sizing’ our leadership and staffing, sharing our space with more partners, and prioritizing in our life and work, promise to prepare us best for a successful and sustainable new pastorate in 2015. We are excited by the emerging vision!

We have prepared background documents, and planned after-worship sessions in the gym, to engage our wider community in discussion around three areas:

  • Life & Work at Knox: what are our priorities? How do we describe our music, sanctuary, inclusiveness, and other ministry focal points?
  • Leading & Staffing at Knox: How do lay leaders organize? What’s ‘right-sizing’ staffing look like? How do we get from here to there?
  • Sharing Space at Knox: How much space can we share? Lots! Who wants to share it? Lots of charitable partners consistent with our trust!

Join us after worship, January 12,19 & 26 to find out more about these opportunities.

Tell us what you know and suggest! Visit 3 tables at Coffee Time. It’s time for you to participate, to help shape the future of Knox!

You can read the background papers below, and also at where Bill Bruce has also posted lots of other material related to this interim ministry over the past six months.

Here are the background papers:

You can also speak to any member of the Transition Team: Bill Bruce (chair), Tracy Robertson and Bob Mutlow (presbyters), Max Astudillo Aranguiz, Tim Bell, Kay de la Ronde, Ralph Dilworth, Ann Farebrother, Maureen Johnson, Kate Johnston, and James Wear (congregation members).

Don’t say we didn’t ask you! Don’t say we didn’t tell you! Join the conversation!

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