True Love Started at Knox

Elizabeth and Earl

What a lovely surprise it was when Earl and I were serenaded with this song, True Love, last Saturday at the end of Linda’s dinner.

Chellan Hoffman and Carol Johnson did a wonderful rendition, with a few words changed to fit the occasion of our 50th Anniversary. The most amazing part was that they prepared the whole thing in the moment. After Audrey Good suggested that “something be done for us” earlier in the evening, Chellan and Carol looked through books on hand, and voila! An unforgettable moment unfolded for us.

Another remarkable thing is that Earl and I met through Kairos, the very active young people’s group which used to meet in the room where the dinner was held. A little history might be in order here. Earl and I both attended the Moose Jaw Technical High School, but didn’t know each other there, mostly because I was a shy farm kid, had to be bused, so didn’t take part in extra curricular activities. By circuitous routes we both came to Kairos.

In 1964, when I arrived in Calgary to work with the VON (Victorian Order of Nurses), Bob Shank was the Associate Minister working with Dr. Preston MacLeod. I had been at  the University of Saskatchewan with Bob and his wife, Pearl. They invited me to Knox.

Earl had become a journeyman electrician working with the CPR, first in Moose Jaw, then Winnipeg, and finally Calgary in 1962. He was thinking of becoming a teacher and in order to find out if he was suited to work with children, he became a scout leader at Knox.

And so we met, at a Kairos weekend trail-ride at the Stampede Ranch in September 1964. Our first date was dancing at the Nagway Inn and we continued to dance through the years. So it was fitting that we got to waltz last Saturday in that room to True Love.

Many thanks to Audrey, Chellan, and Carol.

By Elizabeth Campbell


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