Update on Ryan Slifka

A recent photo of Ryan and family, standing in front of Vancouver School of Theology on the day it snowed in Vancouver this year

A recent photo of Ryan and the family, standing in front of Vancouver School of Theology on the day it snowed in Vancouver this year

By Elizabeth Campbell

I was fortunate to be part of the Discernment Committee when Ryan started on his journey to become an ordained minister in the United Church of Canada. That goal is about to be achieved. He sent a copy of his confirmation letter to those of us on the committee, Doreen Orman, Don Smith, Rev. John Pentland (Presbytery rep), and myself. When asked, he enthusiastically gave permission that the letter be shared with his friends at Knox.

First, a little history.

Ryan and Cheyenne came to Knox as university students with no church background. They came because they were intrigued and then captured by some of the Knox Centre Programs having to do with social justice and faith. They were received into the church through baptism. During the following couple of years, they were involved deeply in the life of the church. One project they organized was linking an organic farmer with those in the congregation who would purchase shares to receive produce.

When they were expecting their first child was born, they moved to Revelstoke to be close the Cheyenne’s parents. Ryan continued to study, and in 2010, began the process to become a candidate for ordination.

Over the past four years, Ryan has continued to learn and grow, to fulfill his desire to serve.

Now, he has been accepted, and will be ordained by the BC Conference at their May meeting in Nanaimo. The Knox community will say a loud Amen in affirmation as Ryan’s gifts and attributes are listed. The following is a quote from the interview team:

  • you are deeply committed to ministry and the Christian faith
  • you are self-aware and have a warm, invitational manner that is engaging
  • you possess deep knowledge and experience
  • you continue to be delighted by the scripture

In general, the interview team experienced you as authentic and operating with integrity and believe you are a gift to the church.

We at Knox celebrate Ryan’s accomplishment.

We are blessed to have been present at his baptism, and now have seen that faith flower into service as an ordained minister.




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