Wednesday Noon Communion

Wednesday noon communion is a special, unique, enriching experience of coming together to share in the Sacrament of Communion and the joys of being in the presence and companionship of others.

Allie: “These gatherings shine like a golden light in the middle of the week and spread light and love.”

These gatherings occur weekly on Wednesdays at noon in the chapel at Knox United Church.

We begin each service by greeting one another, Passing the Peace of Christ to each other, and in doing so we invite each one to be a part of the community. Each week innovative and inspiring explanations are given regarding the Sacrament of communion- its meaning, and its purpose and value in daily life. They cause one to pause, reflect, recommit, and grow in spiritual understanding.

ALL are invited to join in the circle to receive communion.

The worship service also involves singing together, sharing the reading of a psalm(a praise to the uniqueness, strength , and love of God); the reading of a scripture and a reflection as to the significance and relevance of the scripture. This promotes contemplation; provides inspiration; and adds insight into each individual’s world, the Calgary community and the world as a whole.

Brenda: “Foremost, it is the ministers, whose special remarks make us pause, reflect, and give thanks in the busyness of our days.”

Allie: “The Reverends, Greg and Dave, are both extremely grounded, personable and in touch with Calgary’s community and current world events. Every service I attend is thoughtfully put together and contains messages for contemplation.” 

The Wednesday noon communion group is genuinely a fabulous welcoming, caring, supportive  community – a gathering place of peace, hope, and acceptance , where EACH INDIVIDUAL IS VALUED. It is a “safe place where each are free to be as they are” with no hidden, unspoken expectations regarding acceptable beliefs or behaviors. This is a place which places a higher value on relationships and community than the 9-5 work push of productivity and commerce.

Allie:”The attendees and leaders of the service have common kind dispositions; we truly care about the other members and have developed a cohesive little network as a haven from the trials and tribulations of the 9-5 work week.”

Julie: “I am so proud to attend a church that is so loving and accepting of all people no matter whom you are or where you are in faith. Having Knox friends/family , attending communion each week makes me feel whole and connected to who I am.”

The entire service and the coming together of a caring, supportive, kind community of individuals has the power and potential to leave those attending feel refreshed, restored, rejuvenated, and filled with hope for the world, their place in it, and their ability to lead their lives in a grounded, joyful, productive manner.

Allie:”Attending the Wednesday noon communion provides me with a sense of purpose, well being and connection with the greater Calgary community.”

Julie:”Each Wednesday feels like my week is just beginning. I feel refreshed and restored. As I continue to attend I feel a closer connection in faith and spirituality.”

Brenda: “For many years  Wednesday noon communion at Knox has been a grounding and uplifting force in my life.”

Come join the experience

Allie: “I would highly encourage anyone requiring a mid-week boost to come out and meet everyone and take part in the service. Words are hard to describe such a wonderful event and it needs to be experienced for a full understanding”


– by Ellen Lang

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