Welcome to…. Rev. Dr. Greg Glatz and Rev. Dr. David Holmes

After weeks of searching and prayerful discernment, the Joint Search Committee of Knox has invited Rev. Dr. Greg Glatz and Rev. Dr. David Holmes to join our faith community, offering spiritual guidance and leadership in the months and years to come.

We welcome them!

Greg is a theologian, an author, a teacher, a musician and a radio talk show host. As a theologian he is presently working on a Master of Sacred Theology degree from the University of Winnipeg with a focus on 21st Century mission in the United Church of Canada. As an author, he is currently working on a book entitled Making Good Things Together: How Communities Can Transform Churches, Mission and Discipleship.

As a teacher, he has been a theology instructor at the University of Winnipeg where he has developed and taught a series of courses on missional theology and emerging church ministry for students and lay people ranging in age from 20 – 70 years of age. As a musician, he has been playing lead guitar with a group called the B-Side Apostles and as a radio talk show host, he has been heard on the airwaves of Winnipeg’s CJOB 680. Best of all, he loves people and is very much looking forward to meeting all of us!

David has been in ministry for over 25 years, most recently serving the congregation of McDougall United Church here in Calgary. He obtained his Masters of Divinity from the Vancouver School of Theology and his Doctor of Ministry from Columbia Theological Seminary in Georgia. He has a strong history of community involvement. He has been part of the leadership team for Calgary’s Metro-Alliance for the Common Good. He brings to us a passion for inter-faith work and has been instrumental in bringing together a wide array of faith leaders to dialogue and build bridges of understanding. He offers strong leadership in helping congregations adapt, respond to and instigate change.

In his spare time, David enjoys hiking, bird watching, cooking (this will be a helpful skill in a congregation that loves to eat!) and playing the guitar. We anticipate that together, he and Greg will rock the house!

Many thanks to the diligent members of the search team who have found these two fine men to lead us into the exciting future that awaits.

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