Infant Child Baptism brochure (pdf)

Baptism with water is the sacrament by which we enter the Christian Community. In this act we express the love of God which is extended to all, and that love draws us together into God’s Community, the Church.

Knox United Church baptizes both adults and children presented by their parents(s) or guardian(s) who vow to raise their children in Christian faith and to encourage them to participate in the activities of Christ’s Church. It is strongly recommended that at least one parent be baptized.

In preparation for the baptism of infants, parents(s) or guardian(s) presenting children for baptism must attend a seminar held prior to baptism in order that they may clearly understand the commitment they are making in their vows before God.

Infant Baptism Dates

Baptism Seminars are required for parents and godparents of infants and young children being offered for baptism.

Seminar for parents & godparents is held Sundays 9:45 – 10:45am. Baptism Services Sunday 11am. Exact dates will be arranged with the minister and you will need to call the church to arrange dates of each.

For information regarding Infant Baptism please contact the church office, (403) 269-8382.

Adult Baptism

Youth and Adult baptism brochure (pdf)

Youth and Adults wishing Christian baptism or who are considering affirming their baptism through Confirmation or becoming a member of the United Church of Canada at Knox, please see the Youth and Adult Baptism brochure(pdf) or contact the church office, (403) 269-8382

Please contact the church office for further details. (403) 269-8382  kuoffice [at]

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