Our Children’s Ministry at Knox

Our Vision for Children’s Ministry at Knox embraces the following principles:

  • Our children are not the future of the church, they are the now, with wisdom and insights that we need to embrace for living in our world today
  • Whether we have one child or fifty with us, they are always treated with respect and cherished for their individuality
  • We are committed to providing a safe and loving environment for our children, based on strong Duty of Care principles (ie: when our children depart the sanctuary for a time of learning and sharing, they are always accompanied by two adults, with appropriate police checks in place)
  • We offer a program that is creative, engaging and tailored to the individual needs of each child
  • In the spiritual nurturing of our children, we bring a holistic approach of mind, body and spirit to our programming.

Searching for a place that welcomes children with joy and delight? Knox might be just the place!

Sunday has arrived and you have decided to make the trek to church with your children–for the first time! Taking courage in hand, you enter the big doors on 6th Avenue or the littler doors on 4th Street–now what?

Just ask any one of a number of people wearing an usher name tag. They will direct you to the sanctuary or the nursery where you will be greeted by our welcoming and trained child care staff. Our Nursery is a bright and cheery place with toys galore and creative activities for your wee ones.

Or, you can keep your little ones with you throughout the service. The lovely sounds that come from your children are welcome in a sanctuary that has heard those sounds for over 100 years. That is why we are still here!

Your older children are also welcome to stay with you throughout the service. There is a Creativity Table at the front of the sanctuary where arts and crafts and stories unfold. Just look for the bright rainbow-coloured carpet and a table with some brand new stuffies perched on it. Each child gets to take home a new stuffie (if parents permit!).

Think that a big downtown church is too stuffy and too big for your little ones?

Check us out! You might be wonderfully surprised!