Community, Care and Celebration

Our mandate is to foster and maintain a sense of belonging and connectedness amongst current and new members, and those who visit Knox United Church.

To this end our activities are designed to welcome those attending our church just as though we were welcome old friends to our homes. The activities of this committee fall into three categories:

  • community: where we design opportunities for church goers to come together in a welcoming space which promotes familiarity and support,
  • care: where we reach out to each other through cards of concern, visits, and/or flowers, and
  • celebration: where an individual(s) or a special event becomes the occasion for a party, reception, or gathering.

Here is a sampling of the activities we have completed recently.

1. Community

  • We gather before our Sunday morning service for a cup of good hot coffee made and served by our Knox volunteers. This weekly event has become a special gathering place for us as we greet one another, converse, and in a very genuine sense connect with each other as we prepare to worship together. It is also a significant contributor to our mandate of providing a sense of welcoming and inclusiveness to those who are visiting us or attending for the first time.
  • We celebrated the Fall Harvest and provided support to “Urban Gardening and Care for the Earth” with a sale of home-canned items, provided by members of our congregation.
  • During the season of Lent we worked with the Liturgy committee to carry the worship theme into our community time following the service. In response to the following themes we sponsored these events:
    • God’s Banquet and Communion: celebrated with a shared meal (a reflection of how early Christians would have celebrated communion)
    • God’s Surprise Bounty: celebrated with a surprise dessert extravaganza
    • God’s Overflowing Continuous Bounty: celebrated with a chocolate fountain
    • Sharing our Meal: Mission and Outreach and Triple “C ” sponsored displays from various Community organizations along with a Soup and Bun meal.
    • A community event to prepare sandwiches for the Calgary Drop in Center
  • Visit our blog to view photos from these events

2. Care

In the area of care for each other we visit those unable to attend church, send cards as a mark of celebration of significant birthdays; send cards of concern and/or hope to those experiencing a crisis; and we send cards to those who have lost family members. When flowers are left as a donation in the church we make smaller bouquets of these and take them to those in our congregation confined to home or nursing homes.

3. Celebration

It is important to honour and celebrate significant “steps” in the life of individual congregation members, such as a 90th birthday, and in the life of the church, for example the induction of board members; therefore the committee plans celebratory events to mark these occasions.

  • In honour of the Calgary Men’s Choir performing at Knox we held a reception for the choir and the congregation following the service.
  • We recently helped Faye Winning celebrate her 90th birthday.

Future Events:

  • May 5th, Come meet your board members, who will be serving cake, at a reception in the coffee area following the service
  • May 19th, a reception will be held in the coffee area to welcome those joining Knox United Church by way of confirmation

Help Needed:

If any of the above endeavours are of interest to you this committee would benefit from a significant influx of help. We contribute with compassion for others and there is no heavy lifting!

Please contact Ellen Lang @ for more information and/or to offer your assistance. Thank You

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