Knox Justice Ministry

We are the face of social justice, mission and outreach, care for the environment, and concern for the world at this church. Here we meet and through plans and action, we strive to make a difference.

The Justice Ministry at Knox is comprised of the Mission & Outreach Group; the Bulletin Page which informs the congregation of activities at Knox (e.g., Mission Fair), outside justice events in the city, and actions & events in the wider church (e.g., Kairos), and individual Knox Justice Initiatives, such as the series “Eye of the Storm”.

Our team represents the heart and soul of who we are and what we believe in!

Issues are so diverse. We need you to join our fun-loving, results oriented team. Please contact us through the Knox office and someone will contact you.


Eye of the Storm

Next meeting October 27, 2014. See the events page for all the details.

  • This discussion group is where tired activists recharge — by sharing our stories, talking, listening, and learning.
  • Social Justice updates will be posted on the Knox Blog.
  • Contact Sharon for more info.

Eye of the Storm, an initiative of the Justice Ministry, draws diverse people together to discuss environmental and economic concerns as they pertain to the oil and gas industry. It formed in response to GC41’s motion to oppose further development of the Northern Gateway Pipeline. This group meets once monthly to reflect on our values and possibilities, and is committed to increased education through respectful dialogue.

Since people in ‘Eye of the Storm’ have been meeting for a year, at the Nov. 25th, 2013 meeting we evaluated our purpose.  We no longer exist to create dialogue between people in the oil & gas industry and those in the church.  Since some members of ‘Eye of the Storm’ work in the oil & gas industry, often representing environmental facets of the business, they contribute equally to the direction of the group.  We are initiating more activities to increase awareness and education, and are committed to respectful discussion.  We follow guidelines in Ganz Storytelling to build respect for one another and use dialogue to listen and learn.  To some degree  Eye of the Storm has become a place ‘where tired activists recharge and evolve.’ As a group we put climate change and a shift to renewable energy as our priority.  We seek to influence others, the oil & gas industry. and governments, to join us in our work toward a sustainable future.